James Brazelton (Braz) Walker (1934 – 1982) is perhaps the best known of Texas’ aquarists, and set a standard for contributions to the hobby that may never be surpassed.

Though paralyzed from the neck down from a diving accident while a college student, Braz managed to keep, breed, write about, and photograph a number of aquarium fishes, notably cichlids. Amazingly, he did this while in an Iron Lung.

He published articles in a number of club publications, science journals and aquarium magazines, as well as several books. Several images of his books can be found at the bottom of this page.

Established in 2000, the Braz Walker scholarship is presented to a student whose studies have implications in aquatics. The award is presented in the form of a bursary. As of 2018, $7500 has been awarded.

All About Cichlids (1978)

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