1. Name: This organization shall be known as the “Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies, Inc.”
  2. Purposes: The purposes of this Federation shall be:
    1. To further aquarium societies, there formation and activities through mutual cooperation and aid in the exchange of publications of member societies.
    2. To further the education of the general public on the aquatic environments and their inhabitants, and to encourage the wise use of these resources.
  3. Membership: Upon application and payment of dues, any bonafide aquarium society shall be admitted to the Federation.
  4. Dues to the Federation will be $20 per year for each society, payable at the annual convention.
  5. Officers: Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Board of Representatives, all to serve for a period of approximately one year, from one annual convention to the next. The Board of Representatives shall consist of one representative (delegate) selected by each member society.  The officers for the coming year shall be elected by the Board of Representatives.
  6. Annual Convention: The annual convention shall be hosted by a member club at a location and date of the host club’s choosing (summer months are preferred). The sum of $200 shall be given from Federation funds to each host society to help defray convention expenses.

The duty of the host society for the annual convention shall rotate, with newly admitted societies added to the bottom of the list.  In the event no club wants to host an annual convention, it will be cancelled.

  1. Annual Meeting: An annual meeting should be held each year consisting of the FOTAS Officers and the Board of Representatives.
  2. Special Meetings: Special Meetings of the Board of Representatives may be called by either
    1. the President
    2. the Vice President
    3. Two members of the Board of Representatives

Fifty-one percent (51%) of the Board of Representatives must be present to conduct business.

  1. Should the Federation decide to dissolve, the current Board of Representatives shall select one or more public aquaria and/or zoos to receive the assets of the organization.