1. The duties of the President shall be the following:
    1. To preside over the Annual Meeting
    2. To preside over any Special Meeting
    3. Direct the activities of the Federation as outlined in Article 2 of the Charter.
  2. The duties of the Vice-President shall be the following:
    1. To assume the duties of the President in the event of the latter’s inability to fulfill those duties.
  3. The duties of the Treasurer shall be the following:
    1. Collect all monies due the Federation
    2. Coordinate any fund-raising activities.
    3. Provide a status update at each Annual Meeting
    4. File an annual report with the appropriate governing authorities

Funds of the Federation shall be expended only by the Treasurer and/or President or by person(s) authorized by the President.

  1. The duties of the Secretary shall be the following:
    1. Keep and maintain an accurate account of the Minutes of each Annual Meeting or Special Meeting.
    2. Keep and maintain an accurate list of the members of the Board of Representatives.
  2. The duty of each member of the Board of Representatives shall be the following:
    1. Act as a liaison between FOTAS and the member club represented.
    2. Represent member club at FOTAS Annual Meeting or Special Meetings
    3. Nominate Officers for FOTAS
  3. The Annual Meeting should take place at the Annual Convention. At the Annual Meeting, the following items should occur at a minimum:
    1. Review of the minutes from the previous annual meeting
    2. An update from the Treasurer
    3. Discussion of awards
    4. Review of Charter and By-Laws
    5. Election of Officers
    6. Discussion of Future Convention locations and dates.

In the event that there is no Annual Convention, a Virtual Meeting shall be held to handle annual business.

  1. Additions and amendments to the Charter or By-Laws shall be made at the Annual Meeting or Special Meetings. Any changes should be made available for inspection by Officers and Representatives for at least 1 week prior to vote unless agreed upon at the meeting to void the one week waiting period.
  2. All business matters of the Federation will be voted upon by members of the Board of Representatives; others in attendance at said meetings may express their opinions, but not vote.
  3. All business sessions and meetings of the Federation shall be open to members of member clubs.
  4. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all procedural matters not specifically covered by the Charter and the By-Laws of the Federation.