FOTAS 2019

In August 2019, the Southeast Louisiana Aquarium Society (SELAS) hosted the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) annual convention. It was a huge success with about 150 people attending.

Setting Everything Up…

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Vendor Room

No major aquarium conference would be complete without a vendor room…

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Bill Allen

Friday night started with Bill Allen talking about livebearers. Bill broke even broke out his guitar!

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Karen Maruska

Dr. Karen Maruska started off the Saturday morning talks. Dr. Maruska discussed cichlid communication.

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John Hawke

Dr. John Hawke of the LSU Vet School followed up with a talk about fish diseases and treatments.

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Mike Senske

Following a break for lunch, Mike Senske for Aquarium Design Group in Houston talked about the various set-ups that his company has done through out the country.

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Jon Armbruster

The final talk was from Dr. Jon Armbruster from Auburn University. He talked about his collection trips to South America as well as fish diversity.

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Saturday Night Funny Money Banquet

Saturday night featured a talk by Greg Steeves on the history of FOTAS. Then there was the traditional FOTAS trivia contest and funny money auction.

Uncategorized Pictures

Here are a bunch of other pictures from the event that I could not categorize. These include Bill Allen playing the guitar and the ever photogenic Jay Wilson of Fritz Aquatics!

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Sunday Auction

The Sunday auction featured nearly 300 items. This was the largest auction for a SELAS event so far!

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